Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 3

slept pretty well last night. The potato i ate made me massively way too full. And there was nothing on TV after Nova. I became disgusted with myself and need to make a trip to the library today.

Today stipulates fruits and veggies plus soup, no potato, no banana. I am afraid of tomorrow.
I think I'll open the kimchi I made a few months ago to add some fermented goodness to my vegetable choices.

9 am
Just finished some fruit salad and green tea. Feeling fine, drowsy, not really craving anything but slightly hungry. Think I'll pick at some veggies. Need to go by the store to get a cucumber after i bike to the gym. Bah, kinda hungry and don't have any good veg and tired of fruit - think i'll have some soup before i go to the land of weights.
11:30 am
I have gotten nothing but bills done today. I feel like crying. Not sure why. tired despite good sleep. Not neccessarily craving anything, but sure as hell don't feel like going to the gym to do some squats.
1 pm
buh. close to fail. only lasted at gym through 3 sets of calves and 4 sets of squats = 20 minutes. I had a longer bike ride than normal, but i am feeling the absence of something in my diet. Picked up some broccoli to steam for lunch. That should perk me up some. Gym scale said i've lost a pound since sunday - but i'm still debating quitting this seemingly unbalanced, nutritionally wackadooly fad diet... dreaming of saltines....
6 pm
Been seriously considering quitting this nonsense. It really doesn't seem to make any sense, but I owe it to myself to follow through with something unpleasant for more than 2 days. Tonight I'll throw together some raw and cooked veggies, and try not to rip off my sober and exhausted head before bed time finally comes.
Tomorrow: bananas and milk!? I eat neither and am allergic to one. we'll see how THAT goes.


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