Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spinning a Yarn!

Clementine and I have been productive lately! Spinning singles, plying doubles, cleaning and skeining, I've even been experimentally crocheting (secret Christmas presents) with great success! Now, I just need to learn how to accurately measure my skeins so that I know how many yards are there... and to properly plan projects so that i know what to do with what.

My very first ball of plied handspun - spun and plied on a spindle
Increased productivity!

My first wheel-plied yarn, still unwashed and on the niddy noddy. Washing brings out the beauty and softness!
All washed and evened out. So bouncy and soft!
  Pretty, ay? Not bad for my first month on a wheel! I think i'm a natural. Hee hee. Lots of room for improvement, though. I can't wait for my first, almost totally evenly spun and plied skein. For now, i'm rocking the hand spun look of handspun, with some thick and thin action.

I'm not sure what critter this creamy white fiber came from. I procured a lot of nice fiber for a lady out in Henly, TX before I moved, and not all was labelled. It was nice to spin, and is very bouncy and mostly soft. I spun a bobbin full of singles, so i ended up with a bobbin and a half or so of plied yarn with a length of singles left over to add to something else. I have a feeling i'll have a lot of 'bits and pieces left over' to work with from now on. This skein is about 4.5 ounces and the other is a little less. I may dye one of them if one of my nice spinning friends hosts a dye day, hint hint hint. Or, i might try the koolaid method - i just prefer natural looking colors so i may just leave it as is.

What do you think, knitters and crocheters? Would you like working with this yarn, or is it still too lumpy and uneven for your tastes?

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