Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cleansing Diet - Day 2

Today stipulates that i can have as many fresh/canned veggies as i want - avoid dried beans and peas. No Fruits. This is great! I love veggies and have a garden bursting with bell and hot peppers, plus a few other things like baby Kale. I can also have as much soup as i want, and tonight for dinner a baked potato with butter. but instead of that i'm going to make stuffed Marconi Bell Peppers with potatoes inside.

8 am
Had to get up to "relieve myself" 3 or 4 times last night due to my intense hydration, but overall the evening was good. After the sun went down i got over my initial "the sun is going down and i want a glass of wine" craving. Dinner of cantaloupe and apples was filling, followed by soup was really filling, and a nice glass of flavored kombucha took care of my desire to have a glass at my side. didn't even crave snacks.
This morning it's salad for breakfast. Interesting. We'll see how my energy and stamina can stand up to Body Combat and Pilates on a salad stomach. I'd like to bike there, but my bike is still missing a tire on the front, so it's a cop out and drive day.
11:30 am
well that went great! Got bored towards the end of pilates, but the nice salad (chopped romain, cucumber, green onion, baby kale, carrot, cumin, salt pepper and a splash of lime) was actually pretty filling. I'm less hungry than i usually am after two gym sessions. Soup for lunch in a few.
Turns out i didn't have lunch til now. Think i'll have two bowls of soup though, it's so yummy, and i'm craving bread a little. Need to squelch that.
No cravings. This is great. Well, no cravings as long as i forget grape nuts and wheat bread exist. But i really have no idea how this diet says i'll lose 5 - 7 pounds tomorrow if i haven't cheated -- all that fruit yesterday!? i seriously felt fuller than on normal eating days.... though without the wine calories, i see their point, but i also doubt they anticipate this diet applying to folks who drink substantial wine calories every day....
ooh, and on a more homesteading note - i just made some DELICIOUS (and dangerously pungent) habanero + thai pepper hot sauce from this recipe. Turned out great.
Sun is going down, kind of craving evening imbibement but i'm ignoring that.
Tonight is supposed to be a baked potato - boring. I'm allowed to cook my veg, so i harvested some beautiful Giant Marconi peppers and plan on roasting them, peeling off most their skin, stuffing them with some jalapenos, onions, and potato, and baking for a few minutes til all bubbly and amazing. Husband's will get refried beans and cheese as well.
Let me know if you want a more detailed recipe.

I'm out for the day. Computer needs some time off. Wish me luck for the evening!

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