Monday, February 27, 2012

Goodbye / Hello

I am so excited to finally reveal Pocket Pause, with "Tails" of my family's adventures: our follies while learning to farm, and the joys i get from food, cooking and practicing fiber arts. Yay! If you are a long - time reader of An Austin Homestead, you will love Pocket Pause, even if we left you back in Texas. While Pocket Pause will have an Oregonian angle, my focus will always be on sustainability, which transcends all borders. Watch for the occasional post from Pocket, our blog's namesake and the best little corgi in the world. PS, Pocket is a girl.

Head on over and browse around the new site, and feel free to comment with feedback on what you'd like to see more or less of. You can expect to read lots of posts about local hikes and travel destinations in Oregon, delicious and easy recipes, local and national resources for sustainably grown meat and veggies, tutorials and DIY tips, helpful links and more! Pocket Pause will be a week day blog, with 3-5 posts a week. Looking for more tips on DIY beauty products or herbal medicine? Check out Bathtime, our sister blog for weekly posts about natural bathing, healing and fun using herbs and essential oils.

Please join me in wishing An Austin Homestead a big "good-bye" and i hope you will check out, and hopefully stick around, Pocket Pause for many more of the posts you have enjoyed here and will continue to enjoy there. I'm so proud to have built up such a loyal following. I'm sure I will lose many of you in this transition, but i hope many of you will follow me, Pocket and the husband to our new blogging destination. Hint: i'm working on some "giveaways" as added incentive ;)

Who's with me? Will you follow me to Pocket Pause?

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