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This blog is a place of documentation for all my 'farm mama' exploits, and is my small attempt at educating and enlightening the public about the joys of living responsibly and in excellent health. I hope you enjoy my posts and learn a little about gardening or cooking. I post my trials and failures as well as my successes to share my learning process with you. Please feel free to comment on my posts with any tips, questions, praises or criticisms or contact me directly.
I'm always happy to offer my advice, but I'll never take myself too seriously.

By trade and passion, I am a childrens book illustrator and fine artist. By passion and frugality, I am an avid gardener and would be homemaker. I started this blog with an urban homestead in Austin, TX with vegetable and herb gardens in my front yard, and a compost heap and some friendly chickens in the backyard. I'm now living with my husband and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Philomath, Oregon, searching for full time jobs and a 5+ acre parcel to call our own hobby farm.  I love cooking delicious, usually healthy things utilizing as many homegrown ingredients as I can, and when I'm not filling the kitchen with tantalizing dinner smells I fill it with delightful aromas of freshly made soap. I write recipes, when I remember to. I love teaching people how to live frugally and in sync with the planet and seasons. I'm excited to continue learning age old skills like spinning yarn and using herbs as medicine. I'm constantly churning out new entrepreneurial efforts to supplement my artist's income,  including selling my handcrafted soaps and other body products at local farmers markets and online.
You can find samples of my illustration work at my online portfolio: www.MirandaRMueller.com

I started delving into a life of sustainability from yard eggs, fresh produce, and homemade cheese and soap in the urban capitol of Texas. I am so excited to finally have moved back to Oregon and make my way back to more rural living. We plan to begin breeding Miniature Nubian goats for milk, Icelandic sheep for fiber, meat and milk, Wyandotte chickens for color, and Alpacas and llamas for super fun friends that also help fine yarn and felted soap.

I am  happy to offer my artisan soap for sale online with shipping anywhere in the USA. Visit Nude Soap, or contact me directly to place an order or inquire about current availabilities. I am in the process completing a brand new website for my soap business, so have patience as my inventory becomes more easily accessible. My soaps are all natural, usually vegetarian, and contain no preservatives or chemical additives. No Sodium Laureth Sulfate or fragrances here! Just good pure ingredients (many botanicals come right from my garden) and soothing essential oils.

Thanks so much for reading An Austin Homestead. I hope you'll join the ride with me as I transition to an Oregon Homestead, and that you wish us luck finding our niche!

Miranda Rommel

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