Monday, August 24, 2009

KimChi! or "Using all that Excess Whey in Interesting Fashions"

So, when you make homemade cheese - you end up with a lot of whey leftover. Luckily I have 4 delightful chickens more than happy to slurp it up, along with old stale bread or by itself.
But it would be cool to use it for my own consumption, wouldn't it? Too bad I'm lactose intolerant (yes i know: so why am i making cheese? it's all part of a master plan, i swear).

I ran into a nice lady in Wimberley this past weekend who mentioned KimChi, the Korean version of sauerkraut, spicy and tasty. It can be made with whey, as it is a fermented concoction. I did a little research and found a few versions of this recipe online.
The husband was kind enough to pick up some veggies on his way home (though the cabbage he got is a little small, hoping amounts will be proportionate), giving me a fun experiment to do this evening.

Ingredients: cabbage, cucumber, green onions,
ginger, garlic, carrot + sea salt and whey

Chop, dice, and shred and pour the ingredients into a bowl.
Mush all these ingredients up. I do not have a
meat pounder, so I used my pestle (mortar?). Didn't
work so great, but pretty much got the job done. You
want to beat the veg until liquid rises.

Into receptacle.
Mush down so that top is covered with liquid and is
1 inch below surface of jar.

TA DA! Beautiful. Now it sits for 3 days
to ferment, then move to the fridge to be consumed!

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