Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How i Spent Spring Break in 2001

Back when i was a young lass in college, i spent my Spring break helping my mom plant about 250 baby trees. We didn't really do the best job of it, and most didn't survive. My mom planted more trees in the following years and was more diligent about watering them, etc and now all the surviving original trees and the more newly planted trees are getting quite big and robust.

Our property was once inhabited by native pine trees, but has long been covered in sage brush and junipers. The junipers aren't native, but they're very good at surviving in drought/desert conditions. Along with some watering of the saplings, my folks have also been slowly but surely cutting down many of the invasive juniper trees that are so good at sucking all the water out of the soil. Fewer competing trees and more years of growth is really helping these pine trees re-establish themselves. I can't wait to see them in another 10 years. I wonder how tall they'll be?

Do you have trees that you planted as saplings? How big are they now?

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