Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guest Post: Pocket Reflections

The hubs and I are off hunting mushrooms today! And, as i spent all of last night cooking down chicken stock and getting it ready to can when i get home today - i didn't get around to writing up a proper post. Pocket is thankfully always glad to provide some guest words, so she's taking over for the day. Welcome, Pocket!

First off, thanks mom for being such a great mommy and for feeding me that chicken heart last night and for letting me lick the chicken stock bowl and for getting me this awesome new bed and for feeding me that chicken heart last night. Secondly, i really like my new bed that gramma got me. It's really soft. It's even the same color as me, so i feel like i'm invisible and that's pretty cool. Thanks!

I'd also like to thank gramma for having such an awesome homestead. It just keeps going and going and going! And this last visit, it was covered with snow! SNOW! I love snow. You can eat it when you're on a long walk and get really really thirsty. Snow is great. Barooooooooo, snow is great. The sun there is really bright though. I always have a really hard time not blinking when you take photos of me. Sorry about that.

Here, this one is better. Aren't i pretty? I must be, because you tell me that like a thousand times a day.

Have i mentioned that i really like my new bed? i like it so much, i think i'll actually have to cut this article a little short. I'm really sorry about that mom, but you know how much i need my rest. I work really hard. Well, i guess i haven't been working too hard lately, unless you count all the CATCHING THE FRISBEE IN THE AIR that i've been doing at the PARK lately. Those are my favorite words, by the way. Frisbee. Park. You should say those words all the time. Anyway, i need some rest on my soft bed now. Love you, mommy.     -Pocket

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