Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feeling Behind - Lavender Facial Toner Recipe

Buh! This week is a disaster. First i was sick, now i have an illustration commission, next week is deemed 'soap making extravaganza' plus we'll be house sitting for 3 weeks in the country. I'm a bit overwhelmed!

Needless to say i'm being a bit remiss in the blogging. So, i think i'll borrow a blog post from my OTHER blog for Nude Soap. It's a great DIY facial toner, plus lavender vinegar recipe. I actually borrowed both recipes from another blogger that i found at the Simple Lives Thursday blog hop - a great little hop that you should check out today!

Skin toners work like an astringent, smoothing skin tone and tightening pores. When you wash your face with our Facial Beauty Bar and some hot water, your pores are opened and thoroughly cleaned, as well as moisturized. The kaolin clay in our beauty bar helps to draw out impurities from your pores, and the nourishing oils condition your skin. Hot water is great for opening up those pores, but after washing you want to tighten them back up again, to keep grit and grease out, moisture in. Make this easy facial toner and dab on with a cotton ball after every face wash. Follow with some light moisturizing cream or jojoba oil for a truly divine face washing experience.
  • 1 half gallon white vinegar (may also use apple cider vinegar)
  • 1 bunch fresh or dried lavender
  • Water
Simply infuse the vinegar with the lavender (broken up some) for about 1 month…. It’s worth the wait! Dilute the vinegar 1 to 1 or less in a glass bottle to use as a facial toner: easy as that! Use the lovely smelling, lavender infused vinegar for all sorts of things: mix with Sal Suds and water for a perfect dish soap, pour some in the laundry to soften clothes, substitute for any home made cleaning recipe that calls for vinegar.

You’ll love it!

Check out the original post and other fun soapy updates over at the Nude Soap blog.

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