Friday, September 30, 2011

Fiber Friday: Bellwether Wool Company (Preview)

Let's face it, i've been terrible at keeping up any sort of weekly routine here at my blog (remember Wholesome Wednesdays??)..... so i might as well throw out random fun-days now and again! Today i'll be 'starting' a friday 'series' that may or may not develop, but could be great fun if it does!

For the next 3 weeks, my husband and I will be house sitting at a fiber friend's farm surrounded by Wenslydale sheep, alpacas, llamas, Maremma dogs, collies and beautiful Oregonian trees. I'll post more about the experience soon, and more about her fiber company, Bellwether Wool Company soon too. For now - please take a moment to check out their website. Bellwether offers an assortment of natural and dyed fibers from all sorts of critters, many raised on my friend's property.

Here's what i've been spinning lately: Bellwether's "bunny fur" roving: an angora rabbit and Rambouillet sheep blend. So soft! I've spun the singles uber finely and started plying yesterday: it's going to be some darn fine and lovely yarn! Excited to try and make a fine scarf or headband from it. I'll post more pictures of the finished 2 ply yarn once it's washed and skeined.

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