Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Fantasy: 11 Acres

I got to meet our potential home buyers yesterday: so exciting! (And strange to have people wandering your house, that is soon to be not-your house) I'm of course over analyzing every thing i said thinking that i offended them, said something that sounds incriminating or stupid. I'm an overly honest person at all times, and say what's on my mind. Generally this honesty is a good thing, hopefully it is in this case as well. I always think that making a personal connection with people you're doing business with is key, but people who don't know you well may indeed take your 'isms' to mean something that they very much do not mean.

The young couple seems like a more stylish version of me and Andy, with similar interests and goals who would fit perfectly here and actually use the big room for their master instead of my messy art studio. I'm sure they would love this little house that i've put so much time and care into and taken so much joy from. I feel good knowing that i went through the unpleasant foundation repairs so that i can pass this home on to someone new with a solid slab and lifetime warranty. I'm sure my good neighbors will be good neighbors to the new couple as well, and i know the wild creatures will be glad to have their home tended to by caring individuals. I'm hoping that my poorly worded honesty wasn't misinterpreted as incriminating: (i tend to say really dumb things that make stuff sound worse than they are) this house is in great condition and ready to be lived in! Sigh.

Anyway, i found a really sweet listing somewhere in Oregon yesterday for an 11 acre mini farm (that's about 100 grand more than we can afford on our own). Instant love. They even have alpacas! My original goal had been to teach as an adjunct at my alma mader (sp?) Pacific University. But, alas, they have all the staff they need and will not be hiring me anytime soon. That leaves us in a bit of a dilemma.... not so much dilemma as a situation with too many options and possibilities. Rogue Valley? Willamette Valley? North, South, Central? Older stick home or newer manufactured home? My mother lives south, father central, and old friends north. The possibilities are too vast, and without solid careers that can be transferred via new jobs that give us some grounding, we're a bit at a loss as to where to start. We may be 'enjoying' a bohemian travel about sort of lifestyle for the next year until we find our niche - so wish us luck getting jobs, finding our nest, and scoring the perfect 11 acres to call our own.

And wish me luck on not alienating my potential home buyers too... foot in mouth disease runs rampant in my family. Let's hope it doesn't ruin my chances at finding the best couple for our great little homestead.

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