Friday, March 25, 2011

Call for Recipes!

Before March and The Real Food Challenge  come to a close, i would love to try out some recipes from other local or not so local homesteaders, cooks and food enthusiasts. I post my 'recipes' here on my blog in the form of quasi measured and formulated inspirations, ready for your elaborations. Many of you have tried some of them, much to my great joy! I would love to try your favorite, seasonal recipes in the coming weeks and I invite you to submit a seasonal recipe in the comment form below, or via a link to one of your own posts.

My kitchen is ready to cook your recipes!

The only stipulations:
  • No Beef, please.
  • Utilize seasonal ingredients. Here in Austin that means: greens, canned tomatoes, frozen hot peppers, salad greens, onions, immature garlic, savory herbs, citrus, beets, weeds like chickweed and cleavers, eggs
  • Be creative!
The recipe could be for any meal, could be a main course, side or bread dish, and preferably serve 2 with leftovers. I can't wait to choose my favorite recipe (or two!) and cook them up for my little family. I'll post your recipe with plenty of lovely photographs and a link to your blog or website if you have one.

Please submit your entries by the end of this coming Monday the 28th, and look for your recipe featured at An Austin Homestead by the end of the last week of this, my favorite month of March. Happy cooking!

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