Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: Nature's Pride Hearty Wheat with Flax

As a featured publisher for FoodBuzz, i occasionally receive samples of products to try and review and received a loaf of this new variety of all natural bread from Nature's Pride just yesterday. This bread has a nice consistency, firm and solid and well suited to well-filled sandwiches, but also tasty as toast with little nutty, flaxy bits here and there. The flavor is not as nice as my go to sandwich bread, no store bought bread is ever as good as home baked of course.

This morning, I had my bread toasted with peanut butter and honey on one side and plain butter on the other: it was good with both, especially the peanut butter. My husband had his toasted as well and enjoyed it, while he doesn't think he'd like it as much untoasted. I tend to agree as the bread seems a bit dry by itself. I can see this bread making excellent BLT's with tangy homemade mayo and the wonderful uncured bacon i've been buying recently. No tomatoes in my garden yet, but i think a BLEggsalad sammy may be in my near future. Stay tuned for a yummy sammy recipe featuring Nature's Pride Hearty Wheat with Flax bread soon!

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