Friday, January 21, 2011

I Propose A SWAP!

I have so many wonderful readers with so many great ideas on frugal and sustainable living and I would like to reach out to you: Thus, I'd like to propose a swap!

Wanted to get into soap making but not quite ready to brave the lye?
Looking to get your bathroom filled with more natural toiletries?

In my quest to make the transition from store bought to homemade, chemical to natural, brand name to cheap: I've done some experimenting and lots of research. There are tons of great blogs out there loaded with heaps of information, written by wonderful authors who walk their talk. I'm happy that some of my readers include me in that list, but i probably learn even more from you! Did you like any of my recipes from the past two weeks? Tooth powder? Hair rinse? Perhaps you'd like to try a bar of my all natural soap? I would like to try some of the natural cleaning products i've read about, or slather myself with some luxurious hand lotion (which i'll be making of my own soooooon).

I hereby declare the swap open! I will choose 2 readers (if there is ANY interest at all) to swap ideas and products with. Here are the rules:
  1. Swap contestants must reside in the USA (sorry, friends abroad - shipping is an issue)
  2. Swap contestants are -encouraged- to become a follower or 'like' AAH on Facebook
  3. Swap contents must fit inside a Small or Medium Flat Rate Box
  4. Swap contents must follow regulations of the USPS (any liquids must be WELL wrapped and double wraped)
  5. The value of the swap must not exceed $10
  6. Swap item must be homemade or concocted, mostly natural, and be something you enjoy using yourself on a regular basis. Can be a house cleaning aid, a body product, pertain to dogs or chickens, help out in the garden, a special canned good (with recipe, please!) etc.  Please no baby items, as i have no bambinos!
  7. Items should be prepared and shipped within 2 weeks of swap closure.
That's it. Please submit a comment below with your name, contact info (don't comment anonymously please), and what you'd like to try of mine.  I've posted several ideas and recipes recently and since the beginning of this blog. Feel free to search older posts, or choose from the list below. I will choose 2 winners next Friday and start working on your swap item! Please enter, this should be quite fun.
I look forward to trying out something new!
This post can also be seen at Simple Lives Thursdays.

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