Thursday, January 13, 2011

Natural Deodorant

I probably won't switch entirely to all natural deoderant: i sweat a lot.
***Totally switched completely to this deodorant! I've never used anything better! Hot Dog!****
But i also don't go out in public all that often, so i'll be going half natural/ half Secret Platinum. At least i'll be healthy some of the time. There are 'natural' deoderants on the market, but if you read the ingredient list, there are still an awful lot of additives in there. I found this recipe at Healthy Homesteading, which is a pretty nifty blog if you've never read it before. I think i need to spend some time poking around there. I had most of the ingredients on hand from soap making, but had to buy the arrowroot powder. I used maybe 30 cents worth, so it was worth the trip to the store. The only deviation to her recipe that i used was adding some neem oil and mixing the oils in their liquid state: i simply couldn't get them out of their containers in their solid states without destroying the jug.

Homemade Deodorant
  • 7 Tablespoons Coconut oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Neem oil 
  • 1/4 Cup baking soda
  • 1/4 Cup arrowroot powder (can sub cornstarch if you just can't find arrowroot)
  • 15 drops tea tree, 5 drops lavender
  1. Blend equal parts baking soda and arrowroot powder. 
  2. Add the oils and blend until creamy. Add more dry bits if it seems too creamy to you.
That's it! You can fill an old deodorant canister with it, or just keep it in a jar to be applied by finger.

Neem oil smells pretty repulsive, but it has some seriously miraculous health properties. I've done my Wholesome Wednesday post this week on Neem, so check back for more elaboration. In short, neem oil and neem leaf (wish i could get my hands on some neem leaves!) are used for animals, people and plants to address fungal issues, insect infestation, and a wealth of skin problems. Neem aids the skin in addressing itching, redness, fungal infections, dry skin, wrinkles, scars, age spots, etc. I'm using neem in our deodorant for its antibacterial properties. I use it in my shampoo bar and my husband's shaving oil to relieve our dry, itchy, inflamed, chapped, psoriasis-prone skin. Too bad it smells so funky.

Why my interest in phasing out store bought deodorant? It works pretty well. I've been using it all my life. But like most things available to consumers, commercial deodorant contains all manner of preservatives and nasty, unpronouncables. Sweating is our body's natural mechanism for shedding toxins and impurities from our body: blocking that natural reaction just CAN'T be good! Get it out! Don't hold it in! Along with the simple blocking of sweat, deodorant contains aluminum chlorohydrate, a nasty little neurotoxin used in deoderants and other cosmetics which has been linked to Alzheimer's disease. Lovely. That's EXACTLY what i want under my arms. There have also been some studies linking the use of deodorant containing aluminum to breast and other cancers because of estrogen-like behavior in close proximity to breasts.

Yes, i cannot for the life of me spell "deodorant" without spell check.
*Note: since i was mixing the deodorant in its liquid state, i had a hard time knowing how much oil to add. As is, it's really hard to get out of the jar- very solid and felt a little gritty against my armpit. As soon as i finish my store bought deodorant, i'll warm this back up and pour it into the canister for greater ease of application. I'm feeling sweat free so far, we'll see how it holds up during my walk with Pocket.

I'll be sure and post greater elaboration on our opinion on the deodorant's efficacy as we use it more regularly. But so far, let me tell you: i am completely odor free! I still sweat some, but who doesn't while jumping up and down over a step for an hour? I can smell the neem sometimes, but smell absolutely no body odor (coming from my armpits at least, teehee) I literally have been searching all my life for a deodorant that actually works, and i think i may have found it - in my own kitchen. I'm stoked.
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