Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wholesome Wednesdays: Cranberries *DELAYED*

So sorry for skipping today's Wholesome Wednesdays post, everyone. I will post about cranberries next wednesday. Of course, the two days i'll be out of town the temps are supposed to plunge. Things most likely won't freeze to the point of ruined, but i'd rather hedge my bets. So, i harvested over 30 pounds of blushing and totally unripe tomatoes. Sigh. I sure hope at least some of those greenies ripen, as i really don't want to make 30 pounds worth of green tomato pie, fried green tomatoes, or any other green tomato anything (though i might try a chutney?)

I also picked the cayennes on the vine, all the jalapenos, and potted up my productive tabasco bush to have through the Winter. I'll be freezing most of those peppers anyway, so i don't mind picking them early: they're just as good green.

i'll be leaving these veggies out for a while and upon our return from Thanksgiving will give them some ripening banana friends to encourage ripening.

Do you have any tricks to get green tomatoes to ripen? Any good recipe ideas?

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