Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quick Turkey Roasting Ideas

Roasted turkey is pretty delicious on its own, but there are a few tricks i like to use to make it even more delicious. I tried roasting my Christmas turkey on a bed of roasted vegetables last year. Fail. One should not expect a turkey to cook at the same time and temp as  normal when also being roasted with a pound or so of potatoes and carrots. We had some raw turkey center to contend with. That being said, you can roast on top of veggies (and you'll get some delicious veggies covered in delicious juices as a result) just don't crowd the pan full of them. The oven has its limits.

My favorite tips for roasted poultry:

  • With your fingers, weasel between the skin and meat of the breasts and thighs. Rub some butter or olive oil along with fresh herbs into this space: the herbs will penetrate all the way into the meat.
  • Salt the inside of the bird and stuff with fresh herbs
  • Splash some apple cider in your stuffing mix for really moist stuffing
  • Stuff with root veggies and lots of garlic and fresh herbs (increase cooking time)
That's about it really. The key to a Miranda-delicious bird is mashing fresh herbs (sage and rosemary and maybe some chille pequins) with olive oil or butter and slathering that gap between skin and meat. You can really work your way far along the skin, you'd be surprised.

carving an underdone turkey

Enjoy your feast!

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