Monday, September 13, 2010

Yay! Yogurt Success!

I had to write this quick post before we left. In a mad panic i made yogurt this morning before Pocket's puppy school - i was done in the nick of time. I used Soule Mama's technique and finally succeeded!

I used 1 gallon, minus about half the cream removed for butter of raw cow's milk. I heated the milk to a steamy 180 degrees then cooled to 110ish whereupon i added 2 cups of White Mountain yogurt (made in austin) mixed with a little powdered goat milk. Stir stir, pour pour into 4 quart jars and one bonus little jar. I incubated them unlidded on a heating pad set to medium and wrapped in cozie towels for about 7 hours.

The husband and i immediately sampled from the little bonus container (that we'll be taking with us on our trip) and oohed and ahed immensely. So good! Really good warm, too. Pretty much the most delicious yogurt i've ever had. Success!!! The quarts have a lot of separated whey, but that's no matter. I can use it for other things.

Now to save enough starter yogurt to go towards my next batch. Can't wait to have my own goats to milk so that i can have a constant supply of fresh yogurt. $6.50 a gallon plus $2 co-op fee gets a little spendy.

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