Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jam Recipe Request and Invitation to be a Featured Writer

A quick post to ask you, my readers to submit favorite jam recipes here. I have a ton of habaneros, and want to make some peach - habanero jam to put up and save for Christmas presents. I've never made jam before - i've always been put off by the huge amounts of sugar.

Please send me links or full recipes of your favorite jams, preferably one that would work for peaches since i live in peach country. I'd like to avoid refined sugar, substituting rapadura or honey or molasses if that is possible or just using less sugar than i often see in recipes.
I'll write up a post featuring you and your recipe if i choose to try it out.

Thanks in advance!
Send recipe ideas to: Miranda Mueller at G mail dot com or fill out the form located at 'contact me' at the top of this page.

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