Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wholesome Wednesdays: Chia Seeds

Cha cha cha chia! Not just for pets! I had a chia pet growing up, i think it was a buffalo or something, and never knew that those seeds were edible, much less good for you. Now they're all the rage.

Chia seeds are high in fiber and calcium and are a good source of manganese. They're said to give you energy, i just like the little pop pop addition to a bowl of bananas and homemade yogurt.

Chia seeds supposedly have even more omegas than flax seeds! Hot dog. Flax seeds are pretty indigestible unless you grind them first, whereas chia seeds are easily broken down, making them a great alternative for getting your daily omega fatty acids in.

Remember that weird jelly coating the seeds would get, thus allowing you to stick them to your chia pet? When eaten, that jell on the seeds helps us to retain more water in our bodies to stay more hydrated - it also helps block out calories being absorbed by other foods and makes you feel full. Great for athletes and dieters alike!

So, step outside your comfort zone and add chia seeds to your pantry. Great in smoothies, in yogurt, on cereal or salads.

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