Monday, September 20, 2010

Camping Grilled Veggies

Phew, that was quite the trip! My mother is aghast at the over 400 photos of scenery and Pocket that i posted to Flickr, and my tummy's aghast at the over indulgence of camping snacks i succumbed to. Back to the gym this week for SURE.

I did make at least one healthy and delicious meal while camping. I sadly used all grocery store produce, but it was still quite delicious. You could have a similar meal using one of those clampable basket grillers, but i find this grilling pan is super handy and easier to include smaller cut veggies without losing them to the flame. I received this pan as a wedding present from one of those kitchen-gifty stores like crate and barrel or something. Sorry i can't remember the store.

I didn't season much as i don't travel with many herbs, but i did sprinkle the veg with some pepper, soy sauce, and rosemary garlic spice i had premixed and in our kitchen box. Just cut, grill, consume. The corn i left unhusked, started before the rest of the veg, and turned occasionally to get a perfectly even roast. Served with some homemade raw butter and salt. Yum.

I used:
  • Squash
  • Red onion
  • Hatch and Poblano peppers
  • Porter tomatoes, halved

Now if only we'd eaten as healthfully and light the rest of the days i wouldn't be feeling like a 'i have no place to hike' homebound blimp.

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