Thursday, September 23, 2010

Plant Sale

I have a few plants around the homestead that are looking for new homes. Please consider making an offer if you live in the Austin area. Cactus is available to ship.

I have a beautiful hibiscus that has outgrown the pot i have it in. I don't have a larger pot or the desire to purchase another pot - so please give this beauty a new lease on life. It needs to be protected in the winter, but can live outside if it's above freezing. $20 byo pot, or $60 with the current pot. It really needs to be potted up, it's sad and dry and root bound.

prety hibiscus.

My plumeria is the best smelling thing in my garden. It needs to be brought inside for the winter, and can be hung bareroot in a closet or garage (between halloween and easter). I'll be keeping the pot, but the plant is available for $50. It's a young tree, about 5 years old, but flowers regularly and comes with a container of plumeria specific fertilizer.

Late Summer Garden

And finally - our Agave Marginata is one prolific bearer of pups. There are at least 15 pups available. I can pot them in potting soil for you, or you can 'pick your own.' $5 - $15 depending on size.

mama Agave Marginata

***** As of Saturday the 25th all these plants have been sold. Please contact me with any interest in agave pups, as she's one prolific cloner. Seeds are still available:

 I also have herb cuttings of rosemary, sage, chives, lemon balm, lemon basil and oregano; transplants of chives and seeds of lemon basil, chives, dill and soon some stevia.

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