Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Deviation

I'm too stressed out and full of thoughts of the future and my lagging career to do ample research for Wholesome Wednesday.

But here's a snapshot of the leftovers from dinner last night, a brief recipe and a second look at homemade mayonaise.

Fresh Falafel (recipe adapted from Homegrown Evolution)
  • Cup dried garbanzos, soaked 8 hours
  • Fresh herbs: lemon basil, garlic chives
  • Fresh veg: garlic, onion greens, malabar spinach
  • Salt, pepper, cumin, curry powder
Blend in a food processor with a splash or two of olive oil until not completely smooth. Let sit in fridge for several hours (or all day if your husband works until 10 pm and you make dinner the next night instead). Form into patties - i made mine rather small - and fry in some veggie (i used olive) oil until brown on each side. I really skimped on the oil, as that's just how i roll, and they turned out great. Here's my lunch for today:

I ate mine last night with some baked cabbage, yogurt/mayo sauce, and hot sauce. Delicious! Andy had his on a bun with fresh mayo and sides of cabbage and sauces. I can't divulge the recipe for cabbage, as it is my secret weapon. But think 'kale chips' turned cabbage style.

And a note on mayo. I've been making various versions of the mayo in Nourishing Traditions for a while now. This one really took the cake though. I had inspiration from Wardeh over at and combined that with the ingredients i had on hand, creating mayo thusly:
Thaw out one ice cube of lemon juice and one ice cube of whey in the microwave until melted and warm. Divide the white from 3 freshly laid and still warm (or room temp) eggs, using the yolks. Place warm whey/lemon juice, 3 egg yolks, salt, cayenne and a small spoon of dijon mustard into your food processor (option to warm the food processor's bowl with warm water first) and blend up a few times. Then slowly SLOWLY add 2/3 cup olive oil. I'm talking  the thinniest stream of oil you can stand. Took me several minutes and a sore shoulder - you pour while blending through the opening at the top of the food processor. After all blended and immulsed, pour into a covered jar and let sit out 7 hours before moving to the fridge.
This is by far the best batch yet - firm, tangy, nicely colored - not at all the runny, oily stuff of my last batches. I'm sold on this technique!

WW will be back next week, i promise.

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