Thursday, September 2, 2010

Winter Garden Approacheth

Yep. It's currently Sunday, 3 pm, i am soaked. In sweat.
Actually, i DID take a shower - but you get the picture: i still choose silly times to do my gardening. Front bed is all cleared out: purple hulled peas clipped and tilled in with some kelp meal added and toad holes (with large toads clearly present) successfully avoided. I'l add some more compost and start putting in kale and broccoli transplants and seeds in the next few weeks. The fall peppers i planted on July 23rd are happy and putting on fruits. The fall tomatoes i planted are barely larger than they were to start with, but at least one of them is flowering and the layered tomato branch turned new bush is also flowering happily. Hot peppers are in full swing and the little eggplant i put in along with the fall peppers has one cute little fruit on it. It's about time to make pesto number 4, the days MIGHT be showing signs of cooling off, and it's once again time for action out in teh veggie gardens.

See the little toad face?

On deck for Fall/Winter 2010/11:

Swiss Chard
Fava Beans for cover crop in back

But i could really stand to wait a few hours, or get started a little earlier ;)

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