Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Banana Chips

I seriously need to stop eating these. Or do i?

I love banana chips, but i can tell they're bad for me. So, i decided to make my own - more dried that chipped, but very delicious. I may try this again in the back of my car on a cookie sheet - i bet that will make more 'chippy' chips. The flavor of these remind me of these amazing grilled bananas i had when i visited Thailand. I got them from a street vendor the first day i was there and spent the rest of my trip pacing the crazy Bangkok streets looking for them again. I finally did, and may alive - i have no idea how they're made but they're so freakin' deliciuos!

Here's how i did mine:
Toss sliced bananas in a little agave nectar mixed with citric acid. Lay out in the dehydrator and
'cook' for about 1 full day (including night) rotating the trays occasionally. These suckers stuck to the trays really bad, so maybe greasing the tray would be a good idea. I left theme somewhat chewy. Great for dipping in peanut butter. Gee, i don't wonder why i've gained back some of my recently lost weight.

What's your favorite dehydrated snack?

Seen in Simple Lives Thursday.

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