Friday, September 10, 2010

McKinney Falls State Park and Onion Creek

Since this is an AUSTIN Homestead, i thought i would write a quick post to show off the super awesome flooding action out at McKinney Falls after this week's rain. I got about 7 inches of rain at my house, if my rain gauge is accurate. Last summer this waterfall was barely a trickle, last week we took Pocket to the lower falls to wade about and swim in some shallow waters. Last NIGHT we marveled at the booming waterfall sound audible from the parking lot and gasped in shock and delight at how high and tumultuous the waters really were! Puppies were kept securely on leashes at all times.

Last Thanksgiving the falls looked like this:

mckinney falls state park
mckinney falls state park
(that's my mama)

Yesterday - note the change:
Aren't you glad you're not standing out there now, mom!
No more crossing!
The Cypress from above - now neck deep in rapids!
We even found a special friend for Pocket:

It was pretty awe inspiring for sure - and really helps to secure faith in the 'turn around don't drown' mantra. Watch out for those flash floods! Rain water is a powerful force!

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