Thursday, September 9, 2010


Love it or hate it - rain sure does affect the garden. I'm sure my established plants will be producing like gang busters after this torrent, but i worry my newly planted seeds will be washed away and my hot peppers will be not-so-hot from too much water.

Then there's the unpleasant little 'woops, the puppy didn't want to go out in the rain and deposited a sizable log in the living room' factor.

Who? Me? Naughty?

I usually pray for rain around here, but wouldn't mind some slackening - at least once every 4 hours for bathroom breaks, ha. Hopefully the sky will get a good cry out and dry up in time for a scheduled camping/backpacking trip next week. In the meantime i'll be hopeful that the little seeds will just germinate instantly with all this moisture and not get washed away to some random part of the garden or yard.

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