Monday, August 30, 2010

Halvsies Quesodillas

Just a very very quick note about last night's dinner. I wasn't going to post it, and wish i'd taken some pictures as it was beautiful as well as FREAKIN' DELICIOUS! Andy declared that i MUST make this for guests - so invite yourself over for dinner soon!

The reason i didn't want to post, was the ingredients were declared by what was ripe in the garden: peppers, a few tomatoes, and purple hulled peas. Plus some on sale avocadoes and cheddar in the fridge, miracles were made.

Basically, this is like quesodillas, but instead of sandwiching cheese between two tortillas, i topped one tortilla with cheese then salsa. Like a chalupa but not as crispy - these had the perfect balance of being flexible enough to hold and bite without sharding everywhere, but crispy enough to hold the toppings without any droop.

  • Corn tortillas - i used homemade
    • 3/4 masa, 1/3 ww flour, sprinkle baking powder and salt, water to mix - mush up and press flat in a tortilleria
  • Shredded cheese
  • Salsa
    • Ripe tomatoes
    • Fire roasted jalapenos with some seeds scraped out 
      • Just turn on the gas on your stove and flip the peppers over the flame
    • Garlic chives and onion greens
    • Some purple hulled peas, shelled
    • Salt, pepper, tiny splash vinegar, cumin, chilly powder
    • One whole avocado diced small
Mix it all up!  I cooked the tortillas and kept them to the side. For dinner, i heated up the pan, toasting three at a time with some butter spread on the underside of the tortilla and cheese sprinkled on top. I toasted until the cheese was melted and there was some browning to the bottom of the tortilla. Top with salsa, side with salsa, get giant grin on face while consuming fresh amazing flavorful YUM.

Perhaps i'll make this again soon and take some shots.
Happy Monday!

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