Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wholesome Wednesdays: Sunflower Seeds

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Sunflowers: beautiful and unruly wildflowers of various heights, home to myriad beneficial insects, and fodder for sparrows and parrots alike. Every year i try and plant my favorite varieties of sunflowers, and every year my efforts are thwarted by the native flowers: multi branched yellow plants with small seed heads. That's fine, but i really do miss these gorgeous autumn colored beauties i grew at my last house - or the hug mammoth sunflowers with heads big enough for human consumption. Nonetheless, the ones that grow are beautiful homes for millions of baby assassin bugs and snacks for the local sparrows and occasional monk parakeets that wander through my neighborhood. They do get unruly though, and this year are rittled with what i believe are saltmarsh caterpillars - nasty black worms that become nasty white fuzzy worms and eat up the leaves, or fall on me when i'm chopping down mature plants. Gross.

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