Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Have I Mentioned That I Have Very Strange House Pets?

Granted, BB doesn't LIVE in the house - but as she's been in the broody coop (AGAIN) for most of the week and it is quite hot outside, so i thought i'd let her in to enjoy the A/C for a little while. Chickens do pant, you know? And she was panting quite heavily, poor little hen.

A very important discussion.
Pocket found it a bit odd that the chicken was inside - but was a good little watcher and didn't seem to mind when BB chased her ball for a while.

One last note on our strange house pets: I have a three toed eastern box turtle who wanders about in the house like a cat. Poor little thing was found with one of her front toes nearly severed off - no idea what caused that injury. Neither can i tell if it hurts her or not, as turtles don't exactly have strong indicators of mood. Yesterday the toe was bloody, severed around the circumference of the toe, but still attached. Today, as you can see - the toe is gone. Poor Holly. I plan on treating the wound with some lavender and tea tree oils and crossing fingers she doesn't get infected.  She's lost a back toe in the past somehow, so i'm hopeful. Quit sticking your toes where they don't belong, Holly!

Do you have a unique house pet?

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