Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Planting Bed and an *ONION GIVEAWAY*

I really know how to pick the best time of day to garden. Not. I found myself out digging and tilling this new bed at 3pm yesterday: only about the hottest time of the day around these parts. I don't think i've sweat quite that much in a long time. Sweat + overalls + dirt + bug spray + inevitable mosquito bites despite the DEET = a shower was absolutely necessary.

I have the best garden helpers.
Today i did my gardening pre noon, but still managed to sweat rather profusely - with great results. About half of the multiplying onions i harvested today (about 1/3 of the total in the front bed) got planted in this new bed that had been prepared with homemade compost (tilled in nicely with the help of my chicken friends) and soil that had been underneath the mobile coop for a while to absorb good chicken manure and feathers. I planted each little bulb with plenty of space around it: they look little now, but each little bulb multiplies to become a cluster of onion bulbs about 6 inches wide. I then surrounded the bed with some wire to keep the chickens from dust bathing in their new favorite spot, and the pup from getting herself into trouble. The ends are bordered with cement blocks, into which i will plant flowers and herbs for beauty and companion planting/chicken snacks. The onions will multiply and fill the space to be harvested and eaten/ shared/ sold next year, and some room has been left along the southern side of the bed for garlic this Autumn. I'm quite pleased with the bed: it will open up the front gardens for planting more peppers or greens and give me a nice and large dedicated space for my onions and garlic, both staples in all my recipes. It even looks pretty out the kitchen window!

I really am amazed how prolific the few multiplying onion bulbs i bought last year have been. I'm so amazed and happy with them that i would like to offer a giveaway to my loyal readers! I will also have several bushels to sell by the pound - email for prices and details. I'm mildly concerned that the bulbs have sprouted - just 2 weeks ago there were only bulbs in the soil - but then we had 2 weeks of torrential downpours and thus the bulbs have sprouted. On the up side: i have bulbs AND green onions to eat, on the down side: i doubt these bulbs will store as well, i may be keeping them in the fridge until they get eaten.

If you would like to try these old fashioned little wonders in your garden, just leave me a comment mentioning one of your favorite heirloom varieties (of any vegetable) that you like to grow and please 'follow' this blog or add it to your reading list. I'll choose the winner Monday the 26th, just in time for their planting in your autumn garden.

The "official" time to plant multiplying onions is September - but these guys are pretty versatile and will do some growing/transitioning at just about any time of year. They're really worth having in every garden.

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