Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Salsa Recipe

I love salsa. LOVE. Dipped, as salad dressing, on potatoes, in my face via spoon or jar. I could eat salsa all the time. But i only make it when i have all the necessary ingredients ripe in my very own garden. I save the cilantro in the winter - dice and freeze it, and the rest of the produce is plucked fresh off the vine straight into the salsa bowl. I usually make chunky salsa, chopping the veg by hand. This time i used my blender to create a smoother salsa.

Super delicious!

  • Tomatoes, i used Porter and Japanese Trifele - as many as filled the blender
  • Splash apple cider vinegar
  • Splish lime juice
  • Pinch taco seasoning, cumin, pepper, salt
  • Hand full of serranos, most whole, a few with seeds removed
  • 2 jalapenos, seeds removed
  • Small bunch garlic chives
  • 1 onion, i used several small multiplying onions
  • Cilantro, about 1 T
Stuff as much as fits into the blender and chop, pour out about half and add the rest of the ingredients and chop - blend as smooth as you like. You may want to add more salt to taste. I like to refrigerate mine for a while to co-mingle the flavors. It thickens as it chills as well. Tonight we'll have nachos with beans, cheese, and delicious salsa! I earned my nachos today: lots of digging digging digging the new allium garden on top of my morning aerobics session. That much sweating has to be rewarded with something this delicious! Sorry, we scarfed them down before i had a chance to snap a picture - but this is how i make nachos:

Place thin layer of chips on oven sheet, sprinkle with shredded cheese, follow with another layer of chips, cheese. Bake 350 until sizzling and cheese has melted. Serve on a plate with a bowl each of beans and salsa in the center - cheesy chips may be dipped into the yumminess and don't get soggy! Can also add black olives, sliced jalapenos, onions, lettuce, you name it!

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