Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Chickens!

About this week last year (and a month prior for dear Olive) our big chooks were born tiny egg sized fluffy chicks. We've loved them dearly the entire time, from tiny fall asleep suddenly chicks, to fledging-leaping-pecking pullets, to sweet (and sometimes very mean to each other) laying hens. We've experienced lice, mites, broodiness, fowl pox, near escape, wing clipping, introducing a new pullet to an established flock, and now introducing a predatory animal to the back yard. It's been a wild ride and i've taken so much joy from the learning, doing, and loving.
Soot: Day One

rubber chicken?
Belina: a lap-chicken from the start

Now our lovely girls are big fluffy hens, with a desire to peck puppy noses - sadly no good chicken portraits today as it is rainy out, and i'm overly concerned with my puppy who had diarrhea in her crate last night. Please send positive  vibes in her direction!

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