Monday, May 10, 2010

Feeding Mulch Recipe

My mama got me this neat gardener's calendar for christmas. It doesn't do me much timely help here in Texas as our planting times are so early most of the time - but it has great advice and info. I stumbled upon this recipe for an all purpose feeding mulch, and since it's just about mulching time here i hopped on it.
Stopped by the feed store to get bagged cow poo (sadly have no barnyards at my disposal presently), alfalfa pellets, and scooped my own mature compost from my nice heap in the backyard. Borrowed the neighbor's wheel barrow and this is what i got:

I also added a little big of Flower Power and Buds and Blooms since most of my plants are at or approaching the flowering/fruiting stage.

The pellets puff up when they get wet. This makes an attractive mulch, and i think the plants like it already. In some cases i put this mulch on top of the pine straw (needles) mulch i already had in place. I may top with more alfalfa hay later in the season when it really heats up. I'll keep you posted.

What's your favorite mulch?

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