Friday, May 7, 2010

The Curse of the Cayenne

I seem to have a problem. A Cayenne problem.

This is not a good problem for me to have, as i use cayenne in just about everything i cook, aside from breakfast cereal. Since i've lived in this house, ever Cayenne i've planted has died. Rotted, wilted, dried up: who knows.
This year i tried planting one in a pot. Clearly i did not mix up my purchased soil with my compost well enough: this guy seems to have suffered from overwatering. I learned my lesson too late:

Poor little cayenne: whithered from overwatering. It even had some little cayenne babies growing.
But try try again: i purchased a habanero, spontaneously chosen eggplant (who knows where i'll put that), and another cayenne. I hope this little guy isn't destined to be one of the fallen. Beat the curse little guy!

Have you experienced a variety or plant that just doesn't seem to grow for you, try as you might?

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