Friday, March 26, 2010

On Tidying Up

My mother has always said that i cannot function with a messy workstation. This is very true.
I also have a difficult time dressing myself when my closet is a disaster area.
Thus: I reorganized my closet for Spring! I don't put 'away' (as in attic) any of my cold weather clothes, as there's always that camping trip to pack for where it might actually get below 70 degrees, but i can at least move the heaviest sweaters to the top shelf that i can't actually reach, right?

Here we are, all folded, divided, and arranged by hierarchy of wearing:

But as you can see I still have some work to do on my 'crafting area' (like buy a proper sewing table that maybe has DRAWERS.

It makes me happy to have the house nice and clean before a weekend, as i know it will turn to mess by the end of Sunday. Alas, i have good intentions but lack pristine tidying skills. At least the kitchen area has been staying rather clean. Or at least well organized.

Do you have any tricks to keeping your spaces organized?

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