Thursday, March 25, 2010

Overweight or Sick?

No, not me - my pullet, Belina. Buff Orpingtons are known for being large and fluffy, but she's gotten to be more than just fluff.

I noticed a while back that she kinds of 'waddles' when she walks - a bow legged chicken? Upon closer observation, i felt of her 'tummy' and was startled to feel how 'full' it seemed. Plump? Bloated? Fatty? Not sure. The skin between her vent and her underbelly is quite pink as well. Needless to say i'm concerned -- but as she seems healthy and is laying regularly, i probably won't be doing anything about it.

I've done some research and the closest ailments that match her symptoms are -Salpingitis, which is inflammation of the uterus and oviduct, -proventricular (glandular stomach) which is from irritation and sometimes a tear in the crop, and -acites, which is fluid in the abdomen.
The first two can be cured with antibiotics, and the last by draining the fluid from the abdomen. Um - i'm not about to stab my otherwise healthy seeming chicken with a syringe unless i'm sure i know what is wrong with her. I mentioned earlier that i'm stocking up eggs for an Easter party we're throwing, and you're not supposed to eat eggs when treating with antibiotics, so that will have to wait.

So, Belina: what is wrong with you, if anything? I can't exactly put her on a 'diet' so i think i'll give everyone a course of antibiotics after Easter - we'll see if there is any change in her swollen body. Belina may be a pet, but i'm not in the market for expensive vet visits for a very friendly livestock animal: we'll see how she does and hope that nothing bad happens to her or any of the other chickens.

Waddle on, Belina. Waddle on. And maybe stop eating so much?

Do you have any experience with ailing livestock? When do you choose to intervene?

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