Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Grilling Season!

We've already sparked up the grill once this spring, but i thought i'd share what we're grilling tonight.

1 shark steak
1 cabbage
1 tatume squash
boiling up some interesting soba noodles i found (sweet potato/buckwheat)

I marinated the shark steak with spicy szechuan sauce, soy, garlic, sprinkle rapadura, and some cracked pepper with a dash of curry. The cabbage and squash got the same treatment plus some malt vinegar, sesame oil and minus the sugar.
I nestled the shark betwixed the veg in a pyrex with a lid for about 6 hours and grilled on as high a heat as my clogged propane grill could muster.

I flipped the cabbage often but allowed the Shark to sear on one side before flipping it. I think everything cooked for a total 20 minutes or so. In the future i'd like to start the cabbage first on a lower heat with lid covered to soften the cabbage a bit. I like it crisped here and there, but i'd rather it be 'soft with crispy edges' rather than 'sort of cooked with crispy edges.' The husband isn't too keen on cabbage, so he got most the squash and i ate most the cabbage. I love it!

The shark was a bit tough, which is the manner of shark: more like beef steak than fish. I think in the future i may poke it a bit more before marinating to allow the marinade to permeate the flesh. Still tastey!
The soba noodles were great: tossed them with a little more soy sauce, they made a great compliment to the not so flavorful fish.
Do you have any tips on getting my grill to put out more flame? It has plenty of propane, but three of the burners seem to be constipated - hardly any flamage can get out.

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