Friday, February 19, 2010

Looking for a Powerbar Recipe

Hello lovelies,

Today my post is a request: for recipes, tips, ideas on substitutions, or any other insight you may have on creating homemade powerbars/granola bars that are chock full of energy and nutrition, but lacking any nasty sugar, corn syrup, or other strange processed things. My husband is a hard workin' guy, and i don't always have time to wake up early and make him a lunch, or to pack something the night before that will keep without refrigeration the next day. He's been on a diet of clif bars and odwallas, but that's just not satisfactory in keeping with our newly reduced budget and focus on zero processed foods. I would like to come up with something i could make, is open to some variety (so he doesn't get bored and leave them in the work van) and doesn't cost too much money. Sourcing local ingredients would be ideal as well.

I found this recipe online, and it' s a decent starting point, but he uses corn syrup, protein powder and dried milk. I have a little protein powder, but i'd really rather use sprouted grains and nuts, or other less processed protein sources. Are there ingredients that could be used in substitution for the syrup or dried milk?

I'm thinking a bar that contained whole grains, sprouted or soaked, dates, banana, agave nectar or rapadura, local nuts, and maybe even greens would be pretty awesome. We have tons of fresh eggs at our disposal, and seasonally lots of pecans. Bananas certainly aren't local, but i've been on a kick lately (they just go so well with warm porridge and milk!). Raw milk, carrots, and lemon juice are also things i have close at hand.

So, what do you think, like minded friends? Heard of any great recipes? Have any substitution tricks for me to use in not-so-healthy recipes? I can't wait to hear what great ideas you all have.

Thanks in advance!

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