Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soil Amending

Gorgeous day out, but still a bit too early to really prep most the beds or plant anything else. Forecast looks nice for the next week or so, so out go the citrus, pruned gets the hibiscus, and amended and turned goes the future gourd patch.

Tela the husky is at the vet getting expensive tests :( but the chickens are happy because they get to play in the back yard all by themselves. They are presently ruffling themselves full of dust and rotting leaves, which is their very favoritest of things to do.

The soil is still a bit moist, but for now i turned it to dry further, and added these lovely organic treatments.


Greensand is great for any plants that need a little kick of iron - think those sad yellow plants you just don't know what to do with. Phosphate is good for root development, which gourds really need in order to produce their best fruits.
I'll keep tilling as the soil dries and hopefully can get the patch ready before the next rain. Gourd seeds, and borage seed, will go in mid March. 

Have i mentioned that i love springtime? And it's almost my birthday, what could be better.

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