Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Attempt at Cream Cheese = FAIL.

Boo hoo.
This made me quite sad. The lox turned out great, though not as salty as they should be. The bagels are eagerly anticipated, but the cream cheese was a failure. Thanks to my Flickr buddy, i know for next time not to stir, to use a wide mouth jar, and to get that fermented cream out of the picture as soon as possible.

Stupid fermented cream.
I strained the cream cheese solids from the whey with a cheese cloth and pitcher, hanging the cheese cloth by a spoon for a few hours. Homemade cream cheese is wetter than what you're used to at the store, more gelatiny looking. My process was fine. The results, not so much.

If i taste the cream cheese at the back of my tongue it tastes just right: tangy and sour. But at the front of my palate is an unpleasant taste of "funk." The husband was resistant to even try "that stuff" (to my chagrin) but i forced him to and he agreed: funky.

So it look like i'll have to BUY my cream cheese to go with this weekend's brunch.
so sad.

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