Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Eggs have been Laid!!!

I am so proud of my girls. At 23ish weeks, BB my Chantecler hen has laid her first egg (surprising as she was the miniature seeming "pocket chicken" who seemed to refuse to mature - hard to tell as Chanteclers don't get much for combs or wattles really). Olive, our little adopted swap-hen Wyandotte at about 26-7 weeks old has done the same.
This is my presumption: they are the two who have been squatting, but i could be guessing incorrectly.

Very sadly, i was across the house in my studio, behind closed doors, so i could not hear if they sang the announcement of their amazing feat. But they have been showing all sorts of signs of agitation: squatting (which looks like they're kneeling down in terror holding their wings slightly out, is a natural response to allowing the rooster to mount safely) hopping up and down in and out of the nest boxes, cackling and making all sorts of odd communication noises. I do not speak chicken, but i had a feeling this day was coming soon. And here they are: two beautiful, well formed eggs. Shells are nice and thick, shape is smooth and mostly uniform. They are gorgeous, light brown, one slightly lighter than the other, one slightly more slender than the other.

I am so proud, and excited to have eggs for dinner!!!!!!

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