Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Last Turkey Soup - Make it Better!

So it's a week or so after Thanksgiving. We've feasted. We've had turkey sandwiches. We've had turkey soup or pot pie. We're tired of turkey soup, but there's still some left in that big ole pot in the fridge. What to do with it?

I puzzled over this quandary last night and scrimcoached something highly delectable (and certainly another factor in my increasing winter chub - really? pasta and sausage for dinner? Too many carbs, but too delicious not to have seconds)

My base turkey soup consisted mainly of turkey carcass cooked for about 6 hours with onions, bay leaves, salt, pepper, jalapenos, whatever else you add to stock. Turkey Soup II night added some squash, hominy, leftover spinach noodles, some cabbage. You get the idea, it's turkey soup with veggies to my liking. By day 4 or so all that was left was mostly just turkey stock and way cooked down veggies. How to transform this boring soup into a deliciously addictive cold night glop of yum?? Here's how:

Add 2 chicken sausage links, halfed long ways then chopped into small chunks. Add another fresh chopped jalapeno or two. Once the soup has boiled a bit, turn down and simmer for a few minutes. Near ready to eat time add some orzo - i think i used about a cup or so. Also add a large spoonful of tomato paste, about 1/3 a small can and stir in. Cook until the orzo is cooked to soft but not total mush and turn off heat. The orzo swells and is cooked with turkey stock instead of plain water and is thus intensely flavorful and rich. Serve in large bowls and top with some shredded mozz and cheddar. OH Man this is good. Salt to taste.... and your seconds will be even yummier because the orzo will continue to swell and fill with flavorful goodness.

no pics, we consumed it promptly and the recipe was too nebulous to really count as a 'recipe' per say - but i just had to share this with you, and write it down for my future rememberings. It's all about the orzo and the tomato paste - the sausage isn't bad either ;)

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