Monday, January 2, 2012

Technical Difficulties

The homestead is experiencing some technical difficulties. I got a little rambunctious Saturday night, and a little unobservant: left my camera at a pizza joint.  Both painful to my wallet, sad, sick inducing and just plain unfortunate.... the loss of my camera puts this blog in a bit of a stall. I do have some sweet photos to fill in the gaps, so i'll be back tomorrow with some more handmade holiday reveals. The market bag tut will have to wait until i get my sparkley NEW CAMERA in the mail! I went digital SLR, folks! I'm so excited to tantalize you all with even nicer photos. Might need to dig up my tripod, as well.

Hugs to you all in this new year. May it be prosperous and joyful for us all... and may we not lose our most prized possessions while enjoying ourselves with some of our oldest friends in celebration. Grrr.

- Miranda R.

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