Friday, January 13, 2012

My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

One of my smallest Christmas presents this year is quickly becoming one of my favorites. (Thanks Sister!) If you had paid a visit to my kitchen recently, or joined me in my Thanksgiving prep or been within ear shot of me while cooking anywhere recently, you would have heard some cursing.
Kind of a lot of cursing, actually. What was the cause of this audible frustration? Garlic skin.

That's right, garlic skin has been my nemesis of late. Fresh garlic, especially is hard to peel. That thin skin sticks to the garlic, then to my fingers, then to the cutting board. It makes me want to SCREAM. I doubt my sister knew how pertinent this little gadget is to my kitchen activities, but it is totally my favorite toy (other than my new camera, of course!) It's a garlic peeler!

This unassuming little tube is made of some kind of stickyish plasticish substance that sticks to the garlic skin and magically separates it from the clove. It is truly magical. All i have to do is break off the cloves, stick the into the tube one at a time and roll with some downward pressure. And voila! Separation!

No more cursing. No more time consumption. No more peels of garlic stuck everywhere but where i want them. Just more garlic peeled faster and easier than ever! So awesome!

I dunno where she got it (maybe she'll leave us a comment, ay?) but every one of you should go out RIGHT NOW and buy one!

What is YOUR favorite kitchen gadget? Is it a big ticket item like a Kitchenaid, or is it something small like this?

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