Monday, January 16, 2012

Handmade Holidays #6: REVEALED!

We've finally done it, we've made it to the final handmade holiday teaser/reveal post. And this one was actually guessed correctly! The photo i used in the teaser post was actually from another gift, but i made two of the same thing... so this was the teaser... what did you think it was??

This photo depicts my 'first attempt' at a braided rug! I was hoping that it would turn out large enough to be a Kitchen Rug for my folks' new kitchen addition. But it turned out pretty small and has become a perfect sit upon pad for my Dad and Mommy #2's hearth... and the second attempt was the grand project of the season for me, and wasn't completed until halfway through Christmas Eve.

First you braid roving, then you felt it, then you sew it together.... each step takes FOREVER and provokes TENDONITIS!
I really didn't get to play much at my folks' house this Christmas because i spent the entire visit sewing, sewing, sewing and SEWING! I think i developed arthritis in my thumb. Which sucks. But the rug is amazing. It actually turned out kind of wonky, because i didn't really learn how to do it RIGHT with the RIGHT materials until i was 3/4s done. But it was for my mom, and moms have to love what you make them regardless of perfection. She dampened the wonky parts and it seems to have dried out just great. I'm very proud of it, at least.

Pretty spiffy, ay? You can almost see in the top image that the center was super lumpy... i got the first brown stripe too tight and it messed up the center. After getting it wet and drying it, however - it seems to have flattened out. Yay! I can't wait to make more of these rugs with the fiber of our own sheep. I bartered some Nude Soap bars for half the cost of the roving i used this time, which was from 4 lovely Icelandic sheep from Michigan.

Have you ever made a braided rug? Did you finish it, or give up along with your wrist/thumb tendons?

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