Monday, December 12, 2011

Dark Days Week 3

I continue to struggle along with cooking only SOLE ingredients... i keep adding things like pasta or store bought onions. Sheesh. I finally did it, though! My contribution to the Dark Days challenge this week was a Sunday afternoon brunch of one of my favorite recipes: nests!

The eggs came from a good friend about 12 minutes down the road. The bread is again Dave's Killer Bread out of Portland, OR and the butter is by Tillamook on the Oregon coast (the husband picked up pasteurized milk instead of raw milk, so no homemade butter for me, grr!) I added homemade hot sauce i bottled back in Austin and cooked until perfectly yolk-gooey, white firm. I did add salt and pepper, not locally sourced but at least purchased in bulk!

Are you participating in the challenge with us? Check out the other bloggers over at Not Dabbling in Normal and look for the first re-cap of participating bloggers from the Western persuasion this Sunday!

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