Monday, November 28, 2011

Pre-Holiday To-Do List

Omigosh, it's practically December already. Time to really get in gear! This is what my week is looking like so far:
  • Knit
  • Felt
  • Put serious hours into largest (secret) present project of them all
  • Make soap to be ready for the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market
  • Bake apple/walnut bread after putting that off for about a month
  • Pack up the Christmas box for the in-laws.... after getting the last few gifts in and wrapped
  • Shop some local bookstores
  • Get out the sewing machine
  • Spin
  • Knit some more
  • Apply for jobs
  • Apply for some more jobs
  • Cook dinner every night, and work on the Dark Days Challenge posts for Not Dabbling in Normal
  • Did i mention i have some knitting to do?
Yeah, that looks like a great week to me... now if only i could knit while hiking i'd be able to get as much exercise as i need after stuffing face for Thanksgiving.

How are your projects/shopping coming along? Think you'll be ready for 'the big day'?

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