Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weekend To-Do List

  1. Harvest ripe apples from several of 80 varieties of apple trees
  2. Figure out how to use apple press
  3. Press a ton of apples to make a few gallons of cider
  4. Set aside 1 half gallon of cider, lidded with cheese cloth for several months to become vinegar (should be interesting to figure out what to do with said aging vinegar the next time we move...)
  5. Cook down other apples to become applesauce
  6. Can applesauce using pressure canner
  7. Can delicata squash using pressure canner (may save this chore for later in the week)
  8. Check out the "Thai restaurant" in Philomath, not so aptly named The Woodsman. This, i got to see. (It totally looks like a rural mill town American restaurant, but i've seen the owners in their garden, and they're most definitely Thai so there's a good chance it'll be tasty!)
  9. Prepare garden beds at work for planting garlic.
  10. Go salmon fishing!

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