Monday, October 17, 2011

Pressing Cider!

We had the best weekend! My parents came up from Eugene and joined us in a grand adventure of apple picking and cider pressing. My friend's (whose house we're staying in) daughter also came down from Portland with a bunch of her friends and we made it a real party! It was great fun to meet new people, make new friends, and of course: drink a bunch of cider! It's really amazing how many apples you need in order to make a small amount of cider.... It's also amazing how much cider some apples can make! We picked the orchard fairly clean last weekend, but there were plenty more this weekend and plenty left for weekends later in the month. I think next time we pick apples, we'll just cook them down to make some apple butter for canning. I do so loooove apple butter.

Just a few of the bushels upon bushels of apples that were picked.

My family....   I asked them to smile and this is what i got. At least Pocket is a cutey pie as always.

After the picking comes the cider pressing. This press is motorized, so you have to be sure not to clog it or get your fingers chopped up, shudder. It was great fun setting up the 'assembly line' with apple cleaners, apple tossers, and apple pressers. Can you say 'good, clean family fun?' Sometimes that's the best kind!

Toss, twist, smoosh, press! The apple muck goes to the chickens and sheep and the cider goes to happy people. We had so much cider, in fact that we had to go on some reconnaissance missions for more jars and jugs.

A friend of one of my mamas lent me some corks and his airlock (he's an expert brewer) that we'll use to make 1 gallon of hard cider. Another 1/2 gallon jar will become apple cider vinegar in several months, and another gallon we saved for sipping and spicing up our morning tea. So good!


Have you ever pressed your own cider? How did it taste? Ours is sweet and appley with a bite of tartness. It doesn't need spicing up, but i'm sure it would be delicious mulled as well.

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